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Waps Skip N Line

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Waps Skip N Line, 2001 black/brown fewspot leopard (homozygous, white born) Appaloosa mare.

Sire:   Wap of the Line (by Waps My Line a.k.a. Loud N Clear)
Dam:  Skip Caddo (by Skippers Diamond Carat)

  16.0+ hh
Waps Skip N Line, Oct 2013 KNN Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

Waps Skip N Line with 2011 colt Hollywood Premiere
showing off her colt at 1 week of age

Wap of the Line, sire of Waps Skip N Line mare
Sire: Waps My Line (a.k.a. Loud N Clear)

Waps Skip N Line, first trail ride
Photo courtesy of G. Moore

Breeding/Offspring:  Cricket was a maiden mare until 2007.  She was bred by frozen semen and settled on her first cycle. 

2007 -  Cricket produced her first foal in July, a filly named Tallulah Belle by the ATA approved premium Trakehner stallion Tanzeln by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*.  

2008 – Cricket was left open for 2008.

2009 - Cricket foaled out a lovely brown/black filly (with a spotted blanket and all Appaloosa characteristics) by the approved Trakehner stallion.  This filly is a full sibling to Cricket's 2007 filly Tallulah.  Please see Tanzanite's page for additional information.

2011 - Cricket foaled out a big handsome bay few spot leopard colt by ASH's junior stallion Hollywood Hot Spot. She is open for 2012.

Tallulah Belle, 2007 Trakehner/Appaloosa filly
Sire: Tanzeln Dam: Waps Skip N Line

Registration:  "Cricket" is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) and the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association.  Cricket’s bloodlines branch from the very well accomplished line of JG Appaloosa Sport Horses (Waps Spot 2) with a healthy dose of outside blood including Thoroughbred.  In October 2013 Cricket was inspected an approved by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) for producing Knabstrupper foals when bred to approved Knabstrupper stallions.  Despite being an Appaloosa mare she was awarded inspection site Champion mare for her excellent type, conformation and movement.

  Cricket is a very sporty and athletic mare with a good shoulder, a good neck set, strong topline and well angled croup.  She was started under saddle as a 3 year old before coming to Altamont Sport Horses to produce Appaloosa Sport Horses.
 This mare is very pretty with harmonious conformation, just the right amount of muscling and a beautiful dishy face.  Cricket is approximately 3/8 Thoroughbred but was out of two colored Appaloosa parents.  She is homozygous for the LP gene (true fewspot leopard, white born).  Based on her 2007 filly (all Appaloosa characteristics with roan hairs) we believe that Cricket is heterozygous for discernable Appaloosa patterning (PATN/patn) and will produce loud colored foals only 50% of the time if bred to non-Appaloosa stallions.  In the future we will breed her to stallions with stronger PATN bloodlines such as large spotted blankets or full leopards. Cricket has a full mane and tail; most people unfamiliar with Appaloosas assume she is a grey.  Cricket is well built for jumping but is also a very nice mover with good impulsion and reach at the trot. 

Eye Protection:  Cricket wears a sun protective mask 365 days a year.  We live in Alabama and the sun is quite strong here year round.  These masks are designed to protect horse's with sensitive eyes and uveitis.  Research has shown that heterozygous and homozygous Appaloosas are more susceptible to Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU).  Appaloosas may be more vulnerable to uveitis due to lack of pigment around their eyes, or other as of yet unidentified genetic factors.  Preliminary research suggests that there is a complex of genes at work that cause a variation in the level of susceptibility – some Appaloosas are more prone, some less.  Sunburn and prolonged sun and wind irritation can trigger an immune response in these sensitive tissues thereby leading to uveitis.  Our personal experience suggests that homozygous horses, such as Waps Skip N Line, are particularly susceptible if subjected to prolonged sun exposure without adequate eye protection.  Our horses that have had their eyes protected from a young age have shown no signs of uveitis.  This observation has not yet been proven with scientific research although many appaloosa owners have noticed it so we believe that sometime in the near future that there will be research published to back this up.  For more information about the eye conditions that heterozygous and homozygous leopard spotted breeds (Appaloosas, POAs, Knabstruppers, etc.) are susceptible to please visit The Appaloosa Project.  Appaloosas, greys and other horses with little pigment around the eye (Paints, Cremellos, Perlinos, etc.) are also susceptible to carcinoma of the eye.  We encourage the owners of all spotted breed horses to protect their horses' eyes with good quality masks in order to prevent carcinoma of the eye, and sun related injury/infection/damage as well to keep their horses comfortable.  We have found the Guardian Mask to be the best mask currently available.  The is a big difference between "fly masks" and the Guardian Mask.  The Guardian mask can be purchased with 95% protective sun shades yet still allows the horse to see well.  They also offer lightweight riding masks.

Waps Skip N Line with 2011 colt Hollywood Premier

Tanzanite, 2009 filly
Sire: Tanzeln (Trakehner) Dam: Waps Skip N Line

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