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Tallulah Belle

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Tallulah Belle, 2007 ATA registered Trakehner x Appaloosa brown snowflake filly.
Dam: Waps Skip N Line  (by Wap of the Line)

Height:  15.1hh at 3 years of age and still growing

Tallulah Belle at 22 months

Registration: American Trakehner Association.  Tallulah is an ATA registered part-bred Trakehner filly.  In October 2013 Tallulah was inspected an approved by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) for producing Knabstrupper foals when bred to approved Knabstrupper stallions such as our RPSI and KNN approved stallion Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis". Her Knabstrupper fillies would be eligible for studbook inspection.

Tallulah Belle 22 months

Description:  Lula is very friendly and people-loving filly.  She is athletic.  Repeatedly running and jumping her favorite ditches and valleys in the field, she has shown us in no uncertain terms that she would enjoy and excel in a career of eventing or jumping.   She is a good size, long-legged, compact filly which should mature in the range of 16-16.1hh.  She has a short strong back, a very good neck set, optimal muscling, straight and correct legs, and good overall sport horse conformation. 

From her homozygous Appaloosa dam, Waps Skip N Line, she inherited striped hooves, mottling, white sclera around the eyes, roan hairs throughout her coat and snowflakes.  Her dam comes from the Appaloosa Sport Horse bloodlines of Waps Spot 2 (not to be confused with Wap Spotted).  See JG Appaloosas webpage.  This line of Appaloosas boasts athleticism, large size, solid bone, and sport horse movement suitable for the Olympic disciplines. 

Lula has been x-rayed with clean joints and has begun her training.  Currently engaged in groundwork, lunging, etc.  She has a fun and willing personality and should come along under saddle very quickly.

Lula is for sale. $7500  Please inquire if you are interested.

Tanzeln, Sire of Tallulah Belle
Photo by Brian Wilcox, Connecticut Photo

Tallulah Belle

Tallulah Belle 6 weeks of age.


Tallulah Belle at 22 months

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