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Sully Gypsy Queen

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Sully Gypsy Queen, 1994 bay leopard ApHC Foundation Appaloosa mare, RPSI Knabstrupper breeding approved 

Sire:   Sully Rebel Star (by Equal Star)
Dam:  Sully Gypsy Rose (by Sully's Lancer)

  15.1hh+ (barefoot w/fresh trim)

$8500 for mare in foal until June 1st.  Price will increase thereafter. 

Sully Gypsy Queen at her RPSI inspection

Breeding/Offspring:  Gypsy has had a total of eight foals before coming to Altamont Sport Horses. You can see some of her half Knabstrupper foals by Apollon below.
2014 - Gypsy is in foal to approved and lifetime licensed Knabstrupper stallion Ambrosius af Asgard ("Atlantis").  Due 10/2/2014.  Foal is registerable with RPSI and KNN.  Should be a fantastic baby.  Gypsy is for sale IN FOAL (2-in1 package) for $8500 until June 1st.  Her price will increase thereafter to reflect our continued financial investment in providing high quality care to her and her foal.


Macarns First Encore, 2002 black few spot filly
Sire: Apollon (Knabstrupper) Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen

Macarns Applause, 2003 few spot colt
Sire: Apollon (Knabstrupper) Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen

Registration:  "Gypsy" is an Appaloosa mare with some foundation breeding and registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC).  Gypsy was inspected and approved by the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland-PfalzSaar International (RPSI) for the Knabstrupper Appendix Mare Book.  Her foals (colts and fillies) by a fully licensed Knabstrupper stallion are eligible for registration with the RPSI, however, colts are not eligible to be presented as stallion prospects.  Her fillies may later be used for breeding but must be bred to a fully licensed Knabstrupper stallion in order to have successive generation foals eligible for registration.  More information about the registration rules can be found on the US RPSI website or the Knabstrupper mother registry, the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN).

  Gypsy is a very kind and willing mare with a beautiful head, nice sloping shoulder, good neckset, and leggy build.  Gypsy has been a broodmare since 1999.  She has had three beautiful Knabstrupper foals by Gold Medal Danish Knabstrupper stallion Apollon  She has also had three Appaloosa foals prior to that and two foals by a Friesian cross stallion before coming to Altamont Sport Horses.

Macarns Axxion, 2004 bay leopard colt
Sire: Apollon (Knabstrupper) Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen

Macarns Axxion in Mio Cavallo February 2009
Photo by Bob Langrish


Thank you to Mike and Caroline Athey of Macarn Farm and Rebecca Pennington of Sonesta Farm for the use of all these lovely photos!

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