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ASH Machado, 2008 Irish Draught Sport Horse (IDSH) Gelding

Sire:   Macha Breeze RID (by Grey Macha)
Height:  16. 1 hh at 5 yrs of age, estimated to mature at 16.2hh+

May 2013 (Rider is 5'10")
Macha Breeze RID x Etched in Chocklate

Registration: Irish Draught Horse Society of North America (IDHSNA).  Machado is eligible for registration with the IDHSNA as an Irish Draught Sport Horse. 

Machado May 2013
Macha Breeze RID x Etched in Chocklate

Description:  Machado was foaled on 05/19/2008. He is a friendly and confident solid chestnut colt with very good size and bone, but not heavy.  What he lacks in flash he makes up for in good looks, fantastic sport horse type and personality.  He is well muscled with powerful hindquarters and a strong shoulder.  Born with wonderfully straight and correct legs/feet.  His feet are so good that he should never require shoes.  He is sound and surefooted. He is a powerful mover and should draw a lot of attention in the dressage arena.  Machado ranks mid-way in the herd hierarchy and is generally a very quiet gelding.  He is sensible and we've found that he loves children, just like his sire. 

Under saddle - Machado is going Walk/Trot and starting to canter under saddle (very rainy winter). He has not been jumped. He is a big boy (rider pictured is tall - 5'10"). So quiet, he is a breeze to work with. With his breeding, conformation, movement and confident personality we expect this young gelding to be an outstanding dressage prospect for an advanced beginner working regularly with a trainer (because he is green) or an intermediate rider experienced with bringing horses along. 

Cross ties, bathes, clips, trailers, trims, and stands nicely for the horse vacuum, vaccinations, deworming, etc. No vices whatsoever. Born and raised at ASH, Machado has had top notch care and handling.  No injuries, no lameness, no illness.  Machado is a gem.

Translation:  We understand that less experienced riders and even non-horsey parents look for horses for their children and aren't completely familiar with "horse lingo" so we offer this summary to help you. Machado has incredible potential but he is "green" and therefore not ready for a beginner. He is also not ready for the show ring.  Although he is very quiet he is also a big, powerful mover and requires an experienced rider in good riding condition and balanced in the saddle. Machado is not a flat mover so he would not be a good "Hunter" or English equitation horse.  He naturally transitions down to a walk if his rider begins to lean forward or becomes unbalanced. Machado has potential as an upper level dressage horse.
2012- Machado began his groundwork but was turned back out to pasture when he had a 2" growth spurt. We let him grow and even out again before getting back to his groundwork.
2013 - Machado started back to his groundwork and was lightly started under saddle using natural horsemanship techniques.  He has worked very lightly in 2013 as he was still filling out.
2014 - Machado has been working WTC as the brutal 2014 winter weather allows which isn't much.
Machado is in training and has super potential at the upper levels.  He is Offered For SalePlease inquire about his current price and tell us what you are looking for in your next horse

Macha Breeze RID

Machado May 2013
rider pictured is 5'10"

Macha Breeze RID, Sire of Machado

Machado 3 days of age.

First trot at turnout, 3 days of age.


Machado trying to keep up with his dam.
First turnout at 3 days of age.

Machado, 3 days of age
First turnout


Machado at 3 weeks of age

Machado at 3 weeks of age


Machado May 2013

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