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Hollywood Premiere, foaled 04/09/2011 bay and white ApHC colt 
bay few spot leopard (white born) with star, 3 whites

Sire:   Hollywood Hot Spot (by Outlaws Bold Revenge), ApHC & ApSHA
Dam:  Waps Skip N Line (by Wap of the Line), ApHC & ApSHA

  15.2 1/4hh at 24 months; estimated to mature at 16.1-16.2+ hh

Hollywood Premiere at 3 months of age
first USDF show Dressage Sport Horse Breeding

Hollywood Premier 3 months of age
first USDF show Dressage Sport Horse Breeding

Registration: Registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) and the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (ApSHA).  Hollywood Premiere has the bloodlines of Appaloosas proven in the sports of jumping, dressage, eventing and hunter.  Both parents are ApHC and ApSHA regular registered horses.  Edit Text

Description:  Hollywood Premiere is the first foal born by Hollywood Hot Spot, ASH's Appaloosa dressage stallion.  "Wylie" has a very friendly and interactive personality and was bred for the disciplines of dressage and jumping.  He was foaled out as a tall, leggy colt as you would expect from parents with a good deal of Thoroughbred blood.  He is 7/16" Thoroughbred with a short  back with a compact build, a good shoulder and straight legs.  He seems to have very good sport horse conformation and a good willing attitude.  He is handled daily, trimmed regularly, bathed, vacuumed, clipped, trailered and has attended one USDF show where he was shown in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding.  He was calm and took it all in stride. This one is an Appaloosa superstar in the making.

Color Genetics:  He is a few spot leopard  (homozygous) with a bay base coat with a star, three white feet, and a spiral shaped blaze.  With two copies of LP he would produce 100% chacteristic foals regardless of the breed or color of the mare.  We will be retaining Hollywood Premiere as we continue to evaluate his potential as a suitable sport horse stallion prospect. At 24 months he's looking like a very nice sport horse stallion prospect with a short strong back and topline, long legs, medium bone a good neck and the size so many sport horse enthusiasts are looking for.  His disposition is still sweet and compliant, just like his sire.

Hollywood Premiere's sire is enrolled in the ApHC Breeders Trust for 2010, 2011 and 2013 so this colt will be eligible for ApHC futurities.

Hollywood Hot Spot, sire
Sire: Outlaws Bold Revenge Dam: Hot Tempered (JC)
Waps Skip N Line, photo by Janine Lee
with 2011 colt, 1st turnout at 1 week of age

First turnout at 1 week of age...

Hollywood Premiere, first turnout at 1 week of age
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Waps Skip N Line
Hollywood Premiere, 1st turnout at 1 week of age
photo by Janine Lee
Hollywood Premiere, 1 week of age with his dam
photo by Janine Lee
Hollywood Premiere w/ dam, 1st turnout at 1 week
photo by Janine Lee

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