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Hollywood Hot Spot, 2004 copper bay ApHC and ApSHA Appaloosa stallion
large blanket with spots to the withers, lightning marks with spots on all four legs

Sire:   Outlaws Bold Revenge (by QAR Mystery Date), ApHC
Dam:  Hot Tempered (by Hollywood Brat), JC

  16.1 hh, (barefoot w/fresh trim)

EVA/EAV negative & vaccinated annually.


USDF Dressage Show July 2010
trainer & rider: Silvia Geyer

Hollywood Hot Spot USDF Dressage Show July 2010

Registration: Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) and the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (ApSHA).  Woody's sire has the bloodlines of well known Appaloosa halter and performance  champions.  His dam is a Holsteiner (AHHA) approved Thoroughbred mare which has produced several large and lovely moving Holsteiner foals for her previous owners. 

Hollywood Hot Spot, 2010

Description:  “Woody” is a tall and athletic Appaloosa stallion.  He was started under saddle late in his 4 year old year due to continued growth.  He is a friendly, quiet and affectionate stallion who is usually mistaken for a gelding.  He adores children and takes in as much attention as you are willing to dole out.  He is a nice combination of Appaloosa and Thoroughbred traits which have produced a very competitively put together Appaloosa Sport Horse.  He has a good neck set, a well muscled hind end, a strong topline on a short back with very good saddle position.  He has uphill movement with good reach, impulsion and suspension.  He is attentive to his handlers and trainers, learns quickly and tries his best to please regardless of the environment and distractions.  He is easy to handle and quiet in both turnout and under saddle work, even in close proximity of mares.  With his work ethic, movement and willing temperment we expect Woody to excel in dressage and perhaps later in eventing.  

Woody is a beautiful copper bay with a large blanket with spots to the withers and lightning marks containing black spots on all four legs and a star.  He has maintained this color and is not roaning out.  You can compare photos here taken at 15 months and 6 years of age.  Neither of his parents are grey and there is no sign of hidden gray in his Appaloosa pedigree.  Woody has all appaloosa characteristics including white sclera around the eyes, mottling, and striped hooves.  He has a normal thickness, long mane and tail to the fetlocks, as both of his parents have.  This handsome package is topped off by a pretty head which is slightly dished and takes a cob size bridle.

Training:  Woody began his dressage training with Silvia Geyer at KD Trakehners in Watertown, WI in May 2010.  He will be shown under saddle in USDF Region 2 beginning Summer 2010. 

Showing:  Woody will be shown in USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Classes beginning Winter/Spring 2010 and then will begin showing under saddle (USDF) later in the Summer. 

February 14, 2010 Dixie Gulf Open Dressage USDF - Dressage Sport Horse Breeding, Mature Stallions 6 years and older - 72.65% under USEF "R" Dressage and "r" DSHB judge Janine Malone.  Woody was the only mature stallion shown however he did receive a very good score despite that this was his first experience at a show and being in an indoor arena and was understandably a little nervous.  We received several compliments on his manners and temperment while in the ring. 

July 4, 2010 Silverwood Dressage USDF - With only 7 weeks of dressage training under his belt, Woody was introduced to showing under saddle and received a high score of 70.5% in Introductory Level, Test B under USEF "S" judge Thomas Poulin.  Again, we had many compliments on the show grounds about Woody's good manners and temperment.  We are looking forward to seeing what he can do at Training Level for his next show.  Many thanks to Silvia Geyer, Woody's trainer and rider, for doing such an excellent job with our boy.

August 14-15, 2010 Silverwood Dressage USDF - With 3 months of training and conditioning, Woody began showing at Training Level 1 & 2 under his trainer, Silvia Geyer.  He scored very competitively in the low to mid 60's under the very tough USEF "S" judge Gail Hoff-Carmona.  Again, we received many compliments from multiple attendees regarding his stellar temperment which makes him stand out amongst even well mannered competition stallions.  For more detailed information about his scores please contact us.

January 2011 - Woody is returning to Alabama where he will continue his training and show career in USDF Region 3.   He will be available for breeding with fresh cooled shipped semen beginning January 17, 2011.

2013 filly by Hollywood Hot Spot
bay leopard
2011 bay dun snowcap colt by Hollywood Hot Spot
2011 gelding by Hollywood Hot Spot
bay leopard o/o HMH Phantastic

Dam, with Holsteiner Colt Freight Train

Color Genetics:  Woody is LP/lp (heterozygous) for the leopard complex which causes Appaloosa characteristics (mottling, white sclera, striped hooves) and allows color expression in the presence of any major pattern gene (PATN).  Until the DNA testing for Appaloosa color genetics becomes available we will not know how many different types of PATN he carries but he obviously carries at least one PATN because he was born with a large spotted blanket.  Woody has the capability to throw foals with Appaloosa characteristics/color 50% of the time when bred to non-Appaloosa mares.  When bred to Appaloosa mares this probability will increase.  And if bred to homozygous mares (snow caps, few spots/white born) the foal is certain to have Appaloosa characteristics with a 50% chance of being homozygous and 50% chance of being heterozygous for LP.  Base color wise, Woody is E/e, A/a - heterozygous for black and heterozygous for the agouti gene which makes a black horse a bay.

Breeding:  Hollywood Hot Spot is one of the few colored ApHC registered stallions currently available for breeding in the U.S. that is actively going under saddle and has the size, temperment, conformation and movement to be competitive in dressage and eventing.  He is also an excellent outcross for your Appaloosa mares with Waps Spot 2 or Chocklate Confetti bloodlines.  There is no close-up QH and there is no "Impressive" in his pedigree (No chance of HYPP).

We are offering Woody at stud to the public for $800 ($200 booking fee included) for fresh shipped semen. Collection and shipping fees are payable directly to the collection facility - currently at $225 per collection plus actual shipping overnight service by FedEx). The booking fee is $200 and is applied to the stud fee (i.e. stud fee + booking fee = $800), however the entire stud fee can be paid at once for your convenience.  Discounts available for early booking, multiple mares or returning mares. Book by Feb 14, 2014 and pay $700 (including the booking fee) if contract is postmarked by Valentine's Day. 
Please inquire on pricing for frozen semen.   Collection and shipping is available Monday-Friday for fresh cooled. Counter-to-counter is available but will incur additional courier and airline fees.  Frozen semen can be shipped M-F.  Thus far his semen has been of good quality with good progressive motility even after 48 hours in a shipping container.  He has 100% conception of the first cycle for mares with clean cultures (first year of breeding).  

Enrolled in the
Appaloosa Breeders Trust for 2010, 2011, 2013.  All resulting foals by Hollywood Hot Spot are eligible for nomination to this 5 year incentive program (cash returns for points earned). 

Hollywood Hot Spot is tested negative and vaccinated annually for

Offspring:  Woody's first foal is a very handsome, tall and leggy, bay few spot leopard colt out of Waps Skip N Line who is also a few spot leopard.  See Hollywood Premiere on his webpage.

Second foal - bay leopard colt born to a bay leopard mare (outside mare).  This foal was conceived with frozen semen on the first try.  Photos to follow later.

Third foal - bay dun snowcap colt with lightning marks out of a dun snowcap mare.  This is another big colt.  He has a dorsal stripe, primitive leg barring, and a dark face mask.  Photos of Hollywood Exclusive to follow later.

Fourth foal (2012) - black near fewspot filly with a star.  Hollywood PinUp Girl is a very feminine filly.

Fifth foal (2013) - bay leopard filly with a star.  A very big, leggy filly.  Will be a dressage star.

Hollywood Premier, sired by Hollywood Hot Spot
whiteborn/homozygous leopard colt (guaranteed color producer)
black 2012 filly by Hollywood Hot Spot
whiteborn/homozygous leopard (guaranteed color producer)



Photo Gallery
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Hollywood Hot Spot at 15 months

Hollywood Hot Spot at 15 months of age
Has white sclera, mottling, striped hooves

Hollywood Hot Spot as long yearling (winter 2005)

ApHC 5 Generation Pedigree

Getting Started...

Hollywood Hot Spot , 2 weeks under saddle

Woody's first canter under saddle
February 2009

Woody & Karri's first ride together June 2009

April 2010...

Hollywood Hot Spot, April 2010
Hollywood Hot Spot, April 2010
Hollywood Hot Spot, April 2010

August 14-15, 2010...

Hollywood Hot Spot, Aug 2010
Silverwood Farm USDF
Hollywood Hot Spot, Aug 2010
Silverwood Farm USDF
Hollywood Hot Spot, Aug 2010
Silverwood Farm USDF
Hollywood Hot Spot, Aug 2010
Silverwood Farm USDF

Hollywood Hot Spot, June 2009
Just returned from the trainer

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