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Galahads Eclipse, 1999 black near fewspot leopard (homozygous, white born) Appaloosa mare.

Sire:   Apaches Kid Galahad (by Apache Polar Star)

  15.1/2hh+ (barefoot w/fresh trim)

Galahads Eclipse at 3 years of age
photo courtesy of Domino Farm

Solar Flair Eclat, grandsire

Eclipse with 2004 few spot colt Domino Ghost Warri
Photo courtesy of Domino Farm

Breeding/Offspring:  Eclipse has had a total of four foals, all Appaloosas. 

2003 -  Eclipse produced her first foal, a beautiful black leopard filly by half-Arab Appaloosa stallion MF Rainbow Warrior. 
2008 – Cricket was left open for 2008.

2004 - Eclipse produced a handsome black few spot colt by MF Rainbow Warrior.  This colt was exported to Venezuela to serve as herd sire. 

2006 - Eclipse had a pretty near few spot filly by Oaks Lyon Heart.

2007 - Black nowcap or suppressed near fewspot filly by Appaloosa dressage stallion Buckshott H

2012 - Eclipse is in foal to Hollywood Hot Spot for a 2012 foal (due March 5, 2012)

Dominos Aurora, 2003 black leopard filly
photo courtesy of Domino Farm

Registration:  "Eclipse" is a foundation bred Appaloosa registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC).  Eclipse has an incredible pedigree going back to the 1840's and has the well known stallions Solar Flair Eclat and Apache Polar Star close up in her pedigree.  

  Eclipse is a sweet mare with a nice head, good bone, smooth movement and a nice pedigree for sport horse breeding behind her.  She was started under saddle at the age of 11 and reportedly was such a breeze that her rider felt comfortable enough to ride her down the road on one of their very first rides.  This is the typical solid Appaloosa mind and work ethic that we truly appreciate.  Eclipse has been a broodmare up until this point and thus far has produced four lovely, well colored foals.  

You will not find any up-close QH or TB blood in this mare's pedigree.  It boasts some of the best foundation Appaloosas which have produced very good using horses with sport horse conformation and movement. 

Color Genetics:  Eclipse is E/E (homozygous for black).  She is also a near fewspot and therefore is LP/LP - homozygous for the leopard complex which causes Appaloosa characteristics (mottling, white sclera, striped hooves) and allows color expression in the presence of any major pattern gene (PATN).  Until the DNA testing for Appaloosa color genetics becomes available we will not know how many different types of PATN she carries but we do know that she does carry at least one copy of PATN1 - the gene responsible for large spotted pattern areas (leopard, near leopard and suppressed leopards).  Thus far all of her foals have been well colored.
Eclipse is open for 2013 and available for sale at $10,000 (firm).  Her foundation bloodlines are valuable and hard to find. She is a homozygous Appaloosa color producer, homozygous for black, easy to manage/foal and an excellent mother.   

Domino Morgan LeFaye 2006 filly by Oaks Lyon Heart
photo courtesy of Domino Farm

Domino Tuolumne 2007 filly by Buckshott H
photo courtesy of Domino Farm


A special thank you to Gail and Steve Bivins of Domino Farm for the opportunity to breed this very nice mare and for allowing us to use all these beautiful photos!

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