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The following horses are currently Offered for Sale (sorry, no trades).  Please note that prices are subject to change, without notice, in consideration of training, showing and maturation.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any equine to any person or business based solely on our personal discretion. 
Click on any horse's link or photo to go to their individual webpage.

Foals of 2014
Several 2014 Knabstrupper foals born at ASH are OFFERED FOR SALE.  Please visit the page titled 2014 foals for more information and youngster photos.
Please see our Breeding Schedule page for the list of all ASH youngstock that are offered for sale. If you are interested in a custom foal or embryo using our mares and your choice of stallion please see our page on Custom Embryos.

Yearlings (foaled 2013)

ASH Sunshower "Sunny"
2013 dark bay leopard Appaloosa Filly
Sire: RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain  Dam: Pocos Cat Dancer

2013 bay leopard Appaloosa filly
Sire: RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain Dam: Pocos Cat Dancer
2013 bay leopard Appaloosa filly
Sire: RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain Dam: Pocos Cat Dancer

ASH Artemis "Joy"
2013 solid bay Knabstrupper Filly
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis"  Dam: Etched in Chocklate by Chocklate Confetti

ASH Artemis 2013 Bay Knabstrupper Filly
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
2013 Knabstrupper filly, solid bay
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard Dam: Etched in Chocklate

Donovan ASH "Van"
2013 bay Trakehner Gelding
Sire: Kougar von C   Dam: Devotion (by Hailo *Pg*)


Two Year Olds (foaled 2012)

Hollywood PinUp Girl "Sophie" 
2012 black near fewspot filly

2012 black near fewspot filly (homozygous)
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Galahads Eclipse

Hollywood PinUp Girl
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Galahads Eclipse

Dicey Milestone ASH "Miles"
2012 chestnut sabino Trakehner gelding
Sire: Kougar von C (by Gribaldi)  Dam: Devotion (by Hailo *Pg*) 

2012 Trakehner gelding
Sire: Kougar Von C Dam: Devotion by Hailo *Pg*

Astrid af Midgard
2012 black leopard Knabstrupper Filly
(Not owned by Altamont Sport Horses. Please email memitchell38 AT Hotmail dot com for more info.)

2012 black leopard Knabstrupper filly at 5 months
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: Waps Gin Blossom (App x TB)
2012 black leopard Knabstrupper Filly at 5 months
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: Waps Gin Blossom (App x TB)

Three Year Olds (foaled 2011)

2011 Appaloosa Sport Horse Gelding
sabino chestnut leopard
Appaloosa x Anglo-Trakehner

Appaloosa x Anglo-Trakehner Colt
Sire: Outlaws Bold Revenge Dam: Devotion

Seventh Wonder "Vinny" 
2011 chestnut sabino Trakehner gelding (ATA)
by Grand Prix stallion Oskar II *Pg* and o/o Scholastika (by Graditz *E*)

2011 Trakehner gelding by Grand Prix stallion
Sire: Oskar II *Pg* Dam: Scholastika (by Graditz *E*)

5 Year Olds (foaled 2009)

Tanzanite 2009 Trakehner/Appaloosa spotted filly
Sire: Tanzeln (ATA) Dam: Waps Skip N Line (ApHC)


6 Year Olds (foaled 2008)

Irish Sport Horse
Macha Breeze (RID) x Etched in Chocklate

ASH Machado, 2008 Irish Sport Horse Gelding
Sire: Macha Breeze RID Dam: Etched in Chocklate


7 Year Olds (foaled 2007)

Serendipity First Time Backed April 2013
Sire: Macha Breeze RID dam: Scholastika (by Graditz *E)

Serendipity May 2012
Sire: Macha Breeze RID Dam: Scholastika (Anglo-Trakehner)


Tallulah Belle
Sire: Tanzeln (Trak.) Dam: Waps Skip N Line (App.)

2007 black Knabstrupper Gelding
(Not owned by ASH. Please email for more info.)

2013 Black Knabstrupper Gelding "Acropolis"
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: Jessarini xx

8 Year Olds (foaled 2006)


Sire: Western Sun RID Dam: Scholastika (Trak.)


Two Steppin Outlaw schooling at Poplar Place
Sire: Outlaws Bold Revenge Dam: Pocos Cat Dancer

2006 chestnut Knabstrupper Mare
(Not owned by ASH. Please email for more info.)

Oceana 2006 Knabstrupper Mare
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: Donner Rubina (Hann.)

Mares in Foal

Sully Gypsy Queen - IN FOAL to ATLANTIS (2-in-1 package)

Knabstrupper broodmare 

(Appaloosa approved by RPSI for breeding Knabstruppers) 

$8500 for mare in foal until June 1st.  Price will increase thereafter. 

Sully Gypsy Queen IN FOAL to Knabstrupper Atlantis
pictured at her RPSI inspection for Knabstrupper breeding
Sully Gypsy Queen

Macarns First Encore, few spot Knabstrupper filly
Sire: Apollon Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen
Macarns First Encore in Mio Caballo Feb 2009
photo by Bob Langrish
Macarns First Encore, few spot Knabstrupper mare
Sire: Apollon Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen
Macarn's Axxion, leopard Knabstrupper colt
by Apollon and pictured at his RPSI inspection
Macarn's Axxion pictured in Mio Cavallo, Feb 2009
photo by Bob Langrish

About Sully Gypsy Queen...

Gypsy is IN FOAL to approved and lifetime licensed black and white leopard KNABSTRUPPER stallion Ambrosius af Asgard, also known as ATLANTIS.  The very intelligent, willing and generous Danish Knabstrupper horse (spotted Danish warmblood) is one you will not easily forget - not only for it's endearing personality but also for the satisfaction you will receive from being on the receiving end of such a willing equine partner. You can't help but walk away from your Knabstrupper with a smile on your face! 

Gypsy is a very healthy 1994, lovely bay leopard Appaloosa mare that is inspected and approved by the RPSI for producing Knabstrupper foals. She is confirmed safely in foal to the fully approved and lifetime licensed black and white leopard Knabstrupper stallion Ambrosius af Asgard ("Atlantis"). She is due to foal 10/02/2014. 

Gypsy is a kind and cooperative mare with a stunningly beautiful head, nice sloping shoulder, good neckset, and uphill movement. Gypsy was one of the first mares inspected and approved for breeding Knabstruppers in the U.S.  She has been a broodmare since 1999 and has had a total of 8 foals. She has had three beautiful Knabstrupper foals by Gold Medal Danish Knabstrupper stallion Apollon (now deceased).  This includes Macarn's Axxion, Macarn's Applause, and Macarn's First Encore who has gone on to on to produce the another generation of Knabstrupper horses by the approved Trakehner stallion Tzigane *Pb* (by Graditz *E*) owned by Kim Hunter of Twin Gates.  

This is the first time we have bred Gypsy since she came to us in 2012 and that is only because we have had too many mares to breed. Gypsy is an excellent mother and hasn't any trouble carrying her foals for her previously owners. She is VERY easy to breed, cycles consistently, lets you know when she is receptive, can be bred AI or live cover. We bred her after she had some time off and she took with AI fresh semen from Atlantis on her very first cycle.  No problems, no need for Regumate, etc.  Gypsy should be able to have more foals after this and, if you choose, could also be used to flush some embryos. 

Gypsy is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC). She was inspected and approved by the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland-PfalzSaar International (RPSI) for the Knabstrupper Mare Book and has produced multiple Premium Knabstrupper foals.  She has a very good color production record even when bred to non-colored stallions.  Most of her foals have been loud leopards and some few spot leopards (no solid colored foals that we know of thus far). You can see photos of some of Gypsy's Knabstrupper foals on her webpage on our website. 

Gypsy is not a riding horse, she has spent her life as a very efficient broodmare.  She is pasture sound with no special maintenance required. 

The sire of Gypsy's foal due in 2014, "Atlantis", is the first young Knabstrupper stallion imported into the US that completed his inspection process. You can see him on the cover of the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Warmbloods Today.  He has over 30 foals on the ground with very consistent quality and outstanding temperaments. In his performance testing he received a perfect score of "10" for temperament!  

The purebred, baroque type Knabstrupper averages around 15.2hh.  Gypsy's foal by Atlantis should mature to be a medium sized horse in the 15.1-15.3hh range, of good bone and breadth to fit the average female rider and the sensibility for being a good family horse, amateur dressage mount, trail horse or...whatever your heart desires because they truly are versatile horses.   

There is a growing fondness for the very sensible, baroque type Knabstrupper especially with female or middle age riders looking for a horse that is easy to mount/dismount, have excellent quality feet that rarely need shoes, and are easier keepers.  They perform well in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping and eventing.  They are great horses for the adult amateur that prefers to enjoy their time building a great partnership with their horse versus dealing with sometimes sensitive warmbloods of other breeds that can be more challenging to ride.

The foal that Gypsy is carrying is eligible for registration with the RPSI and the KNN.  Fillies are eligible to be inspected and approved as Knabstrupper broodmares with the Danish mother registry for Knabstruppers (Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark KNN).  You can also have her inspected for breeding by the KNN if you so choose. 

Stud Service Advertisement for Atlantis is posted here.  You can find out more about Gypsy and Atlantis on our website. 

We are expecting 7 foals by Atlantis this year, some foals are for sale in utero and in the case of Gypsy, this is a 2 in 1 package.


Because we are expecting several foals this year we are motivated to find Gypsy a good home that will use her for breeding.  She is offered for sale, in foal, for $8500 until June 1st. This covers the expenses we have put into breeding and maintaining her with high quality care and nutrition thus far. After June 1st Gypsy's price will increase to reflect our continued financial investment in her and her foal.   

This is a very good deal for an approved mare in foal with a very special Knabstrupper foal that is sure to bring you much joy. Bring Gypsy home and enjoy the experience of foaling her out and raising your own foal, just the way you want, from the moment it is born.   

Have fun with your new foal and breed Gypsy right back to Atlantis or any one of the other fully approved and licensed Knabstrupper stallions in the U.S. for your next Knabstrupper foal.  You'll be hooked on Knabstruppers!!


Thank you to Rebecca Roady Pennington of Sonesta Farms and Caroline Athey of Macarn Farm for the beautiful photos of Gypsy and her super offspring by Apollon (including photos by Bob Langrish, published in the Italian magazine Mio Caballo, Feb 2009).

Echos Money Hustler, 1997 Appaloosa mare
Sire: GetYourMoneyBack Dam: Kumin Go Echo



Waps StandingOvation
Waps Applause x Waps Confetti

full sister to JG Appaloosas' stallion, Wap Spot
**1999 Broodmare. Not riding sound.**
"Skid" produces beautiful foals. She is an extended dun snowcap (100% color producer) Appaloosa mare with approximately 7/16 Thoroughbred in her pedigree. To date she has produced 3 dun colts, all well colored. ASH has only bred her once. You can see her 2011 foal on our website.  He is a handsome, very athletic, tall and substantial dun snowcap stud colt.  He will also be a 100% color producer if left intact.  If you are looking to produce well colored sport horses of color this mare may be for you. Skid is not sound for riding due to an old injury but is pasture sound. She does not require shoes or joint maintenance. See Skid's page for additional information and contact us if you are interested in discussing her.  Economically priced to the right home.

Sire: Waps Applause Dam: Waps Confetti
Broodmare sound now.

Waps StandingOvation as a foal
originally named "Waps Spot Lass"

Galahads Eclipse
Apache Kid Galahad x Lady Magnificent

Strong Foundation Appaloosa bloodlines

Eclipse has strong Foundation bloodlines.  She is by Apaches Kid Galahad and out of Lady Magnificent (by Solar Flair Eclat).  Sire and dam are owned by Ghostwind Appaloosas and have produced many nice foals together.  These bloodlines have a lot of Indian Shufflers and Eclipse seems to be able to throw this to her offspring such as our 2012 black fewspot filly who is also for sale.  In addition to these excellent bloodlines Eclipse is homozygous for black and is a 100% color producer (fewspot leopard). We will consider selling her with her 2012 filly to the right home in a package deal.  Please see her page for additional information.

Galahads Eclipse - Foundation Appaloosa Mare
Sire: Apache Kid Galahad Dam: Lady Magnificent
few spot leopard (white born), homozygous black
Galahads Eclipse

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