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Firefly de Bec

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Firefly de Bec, 2008 chestnut leopard Knabstrupper (KNN) mare

Sire:   Ambrosius af Asgard / a.k.a. "Atlantis" (by Adonis af Asgard)
Dam:  Foglifter xx (by Java Gold)

Firefly de Bec, Oct 2013 Knabstrupper Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

Firefly de Bec as a yearling at her KNN inspection
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell, 2009

Registration: Firefly de Bec is registered with the Danish Knabstrupper registry, Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN). As a yearling, Firefly was inspected and awarded very good scores by the KNN during their U.S. tour in 2009.  Her dam was also inspected and approved for the KNN mare book at that time. Firefly was inspected and approved as a Main Mare Book Knabstrupper mare by the KNN in October 2013. 

Firefly & 2013 filly ASH Nova KNN Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
Firefly learning to bow
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell
Firefly de Bec as yearling at KNN inspection
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Description:  The Knabstrupper is a rare Danish warmblood breed exhibiting spotted patterns similar to the Appaloosa. Traditionally the breed is more baroque in physique such as the Lusitano or Andalusians, however more recently many breeders have been producing Knabstruppers with more sport type.  The distinction between Classic and Sport types remains within the Knabstrupper breed with both types being equally regarded.  European derived warmbloods such as Trakehners, Holsteiners, Dutch Warmbloods, Danish Warmbloods as well as Thoroughbreds and Arabians have been used as refining blood to build upon the Sport types and add diversity to the gene pool of this rare breed.   

One of the most highly prized characteristics of the Knabstrupper is their superb temperament which allows them to perform and excel in a variety of equestrian disciplines with children, adults, and even paraequestrians.  Similar to her Knabstrupper sire, Ambrosius af Asgard ("Atlantis"), Firefly has the typical friendly, gentle and infinitely sensible Knabstrupper temperament we admire in our amateur friendly sport horses. 

Breeding:  Firefly has powerful, floating movement, is sound and has been started under saddle however she has come to Altamont Sport Horses as one of our foundation Knabstrupper mares. 

2013 - Firefly foaled a gorgeous bay leopard filly (ASH Nova) on 04/05/2013 by the Knabstrupper stallion Halifax Middelsom who is currently proving himself in the dressage ring.  Nova was inspected with good marks and branded by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark in October 2013.

Many thanks to Ashbyrne Mitchell of Bec Stud for the opportunity to breed this very lovely mare!!

Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis", sire of Firefly
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Ambrosius af Asgard, sire of Firefly de Bec
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Ambrosius af Asgard, jump chute at stallion expo
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

2013 Bay Leopard Knabstrupper Filly
Sire: Halifax Middelsom Dam: Firefly de Bec
ASH Nova Oct 2013 KNN Inspection
Sire: Halifax Middelsom Dam: Firefly de Bec
Firefly de Bec, 2008 Knabstrupper mare
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

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