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Echos Money Hustler, 1997 chestnut solid Appaloosa mare.
Sire:   GetYourMoneyBack (by Hustlers Dandy)
Dam:  Kumin Go Echo (by Jaguar Go Jaguar)
Height:  15.1h (barefoot w/fresh trim)

Echo waiting for her next class
photo by Bonds Photography

Echos first show and ridden by teenager
photo by Bonds Photography

Echo warming up. These jumps are no challenge.
photo by Bonds Photography

Registration:  Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC).

Description:  “Echo” is a very athletic mare with endurance and competitive spirit.  She was started under saddle as a 3 year old and has since been trained with a foundation in basic dressage and a bit of show jumping.  She is a lover and will be the first to greet you in the pasture.  She will do anything to hear “good girl” and sweet nothings in her ear.  She enjoys having her own person to groom and ride her.  She is built for show jumping with a short back, and a very powerful hind end.  She has a nice big shoulder, a high neck set, uphill topline, wonderful impulsion and is very handy on a tight jump course.  She does pull her front legs up tight but the jumps in these photos are just not challenging enough for her.  She has been lightly shown and despite her height she has won over more highly trained, taller warmbloods…even in her first show.  She is very confident and lights up when she sees jumps.  You can see and feel that her heart is into jumping.  We have had Echo for many years and know that she has never been sick or lame.  She has excellent feet and goes barefoot. 

Despite being 13 years old Echo has many riding years ahead of her.  We have used her lightly and she has spent a lot of time being a pasture ornament through no fault of her own.  For this reason, Echo is for sale.  She would be a wonderful jumper or eventing prospect for an intermediate to experienced teenager or a petite to medium woman.  (Echo would not be competitive as, or enjoy being, a hunter.)  She has been ridden by adults and teenagers. We recommend an intermediate rider working with a trainer or an experienced rider only because Echo is so athletic with incredible endurance. 

Echo is FOR SALE only because we would like to see someone utilizing her as the wonderful sport horse she is, inside and out.  She has re-entered dressage training and likes to work.  If you are interested in Echo please contact us.

Breeding:  Echo is a maiden mare.

Echo at liberty in the pasture

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