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Leasing your horse to Altamont Sport Horses for breeding purposes:

UPDATE: February 2014 - Sorry, we are not taking on any additional breeding leases until further notice. This is because we are taking a temporary break from breeding so that we may focus on prepping showing our young stock and sales horses in recognized competition.

Why lease out your mare or stallion to ASH?
 Do you have a quality mare or stallion that you are not currently using and would like to be relieved of horse care and expenses for that horse for some time?  Perhaps you are in college, recovering from health problems, traveling out of the country, retiring from breeding or maybe you just want to see your horse doing something more than being a pretty pasture pet.  We will consider leasing stallions on a limited basis which may or may not include continued training and competition when possible. We may be interested in leasing your horse so please get in touch.

Breeds of mares we are interested in:
Appaloosas of sport horse type (ApHC or ApSHA registered)
Trakehners or Anglo-Trakehners (registered ATA, RPSI, or OLD)
Knabstruppers (registered KNN or RPSI)
Hanoverians, Dutch WB, Danish WB, Holsteiners, etc. (registered)
Thoroughbred mares (only if JC registered and approved in a warmblood registry)

When we lease a horse...

Our Experience - Breeding leases are not new to us and we are happy to provide references (vets, farrier) as well as from mare owners with which we have worked. We are also able to provide references from sellers of mares who have been pleased with our level of communication extending so far as 9-10 years post-purchase. We are happy to send periodic updates, photos and even information about them and their offspring.  Some of these sellers and lessors have personally visited our farm and can attest to the condition and care of both their horses as well as our own. We even had one seller visit our farm before she would agree to sell us her beloved mare.  She inspected every inch of the farm as well as the condition of our horses. That mare is part of our broodmare band now. 

Visitation Welcomed - We welcome sellers and lessors the opportunity to visit our farm prior to a purchase or lease...we've had both situations and understand you want to be sure your horse will receive good care. As a seller or lessor we are also happy to have you visit your horse here, if you like, including coming to see a mare's offspring and share in the enjoyment of seeing your mare's foal(s).  
Cameras - Another feature we have that our mare owners appreciate is a camera system that allows you to check in on your mare when she begins to approach foaling and will be spending some time in a foaling stall. We provide the owner online camera access (private broadcast) with a password. You can watch your mare foal out on the internet day or night and check in on her and the baby when they are in the foaling stall. We feel this helps mare owners feel more comfortable because they are able to observe the level of care that their mare is receiving as well as having the opportunity to get involved in the foaling process even when they can't be physically present.

Terms - We are open to shorter term and longer term breeding leases. We've had leased mares here for multiple years. We can discuss the details specific to your situation. 

If you have a horse you feel we may be interested in leasing please contact us.

The content on this website including text and photos are copyright protected according to U.S. laws.  All photos are the property of Karri Henning Photography unless otherwise noted.  Use of any photos on this website is expressly denied without written permission from the photographer.

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