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BearsOpticalIllusion, 1998 bay few spot leopard (homozygous) Appaloosa mare.
Sire:   Bear Paw Confetti (by Showboys King B)
Dam:  Ventures Abagail (by Prince Venture)
Height:  16.1 hh, (barefoot w/fresh trim)

BearsOpticalIllusion with 2004 leopard colt
Photo courtesy of Infinity Farm

Registration: Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) and Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (ApSHA).  Illusion’s sire’s bloodlines branch from the very well known line of Chocklate Confetti.  On top and bottom she has many old foundation horses in her pedigree, the type with larger bone and substance as well as solid conformation.  This type of foundation Appaloosa has produced excellent sport horse lines in more modern times.  See the photo of her sire, Bear Paw Confetti, competing at Dressage at Devon below.

Description:  “Illusion” is a large, sporty mare.  Although she was started under saddle and did quite well she is currently engaged in broodmare duties.  Illusion is producing Appaloosa Sport Horses and, we hope someday, Knabstruppers. 


This big girl can melt you with her soft eyes and quiet nuzzles.  She is sweet yet smart as a whip.  She is built for dressage, has a nice big shoulder and a powerful hind end.  Her reach is good and her impulsion is extraordinary.  Illusion is approximately 3/8 Thoroughbred but with her large boned foundation Appaloosa heritage she has the look and substance of a warmblood.  Both Illusion’s sire and dam are true leopards.  She is a true few spot leopard (white born) and is homozygous for Appaloosa color/characteristic production.   She has had two foals, to date, both leopards.


Eye Protection:  Illusion is pictured on the right wearing her Guardian Mask.  It is designed to protect horse's with sensitive eyes and uveitis.  Research has shown that heterozygous and homozygous Appaloosas are more susceptible to Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU).  Appaloosas may be more vulnerable to uveitis due to lack of pigment around their eyes, or other as yet unidentified genetic factors.  Preliminary research suggests that there is a complex of genes at work that cause a variation in the level of susceptibility – some Appaloosas are more prone, some less.  Sunburn and prolonged sun and wind irritation can trigger an immune response in these sensitive tissues thereby leading to uveitis.  Our personal experience suggests that homozygous horses, such as Illusion, are particularly susceptible if subjected to prolonged sun exposure without adequate eye protection.  Our horses that have had their eyes protected from a young age have shown no signs of uveitis.  This observation has not yet been proven with scientific research although many appaloosa owners have noticed it so we believe that sometime in the near future that there will be research published to back this up.  For more information about the eye conditions that heterozygous and homozygous leopard spotted breeds (Appaloosas, POAs, Knabstruppers, etc.) are susceptible to please visit The Appaloosa Project.  Appaloosas, greys and other horses with little pigment around the eye (Paints, Cremellos, Perlinos, etc.) are also susceptible to carcinoma of the eye.  We encourage the owners of all spotted breed horses to protect their horses' eyes with good quality masks in order to prevent carcinoma of the eye, and sun related injury/infection/damage as well to keep their horses comfortable.  We have found the Guardian Mask to be the best mask currently available.  It can be purchased with 95% protective sun shades yet still allows the horse to see well.  They also offer lightweight riding masks.

Bear Paw Confetti, Dressage at Devon
photographer unknown

Illusion, Fall 2005
pictured in her Guardian Mask

Illusion with her 2004 colt, Illusions Scatterplot
photo courtesy of Infinity Farm

Waps A Daisy, 2008 filly
Sire: Wap Spot (ApHC) Dam: BearsOpticalIllusion (ApHC)

Illusions Scatterplot at 16 months, Nov '05
Sire: Percheron Dam: Bears Optical Illusion

Breeding/Offspring:  Illusion had one foal before coming to Altamont Sport Horses (see above photo), a very handsome and colorful bay leopard colt by a purebred Percheron stallion.  Illusions Scatterplot has a very friendly and curious personality.  He is 17.1hh at 6 years of age and is going nicely under saddle. This colt was retained by Infinity Farm as a dressage mount.  


2008 -  Illusion foaled a bay leopard filly (Waps A Daisy) by JG Appaloosas’ 16.3 chestnut near leopard stallion, Wap Spot. 


2009 – Illusion is recuperating from an injury after casting herself in her stall.  She is open for 2009.

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