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Amitza 2010 pure bred chestnut sabino Trakehner (ORB) Filly (four whites, star strip snip)

Foaled:  05/27/2010   Deceased:  06/16/2010

Sire:   Holster (by Graditz *E*)
Dam:  Ala (by Troy)


Amitza at 10 hours of age
10 hours

Description:   We named this filly "Amitza" which means "brave and strong".  Amitza hit the ground with a sensibility and quiet determination like no other foal we have ever experienced.  She was intelligent, curious, and infinitely interested in human interaction and affection.  She never shyed or spooked regardless of what was presented to her.  She wanted to learn and try everything that she could.  Despite the never-ending number of needles, medications and unpleasant things we put to her while she was fighting septicemia she continued to approach us without fear or hesitation.  Amitza made a permanent impression in the hearts of everyone who had the opportunity to meet and care for her.  We lost her at only 20 days of age due to inoperable complications of septicemia.  She fought a long and hard battle, staying brave and strong until the very end. Thank you to the dedicated team at Auburn University who cared for her as if she was their own, pulled their hair out along with us and tried everything they could to bring sweet Amitza back to health.

This filly's sire, Holster, was approved by the ATA in 2009.  Amitza was in his first foal crop and was a wonderful example of what Holster has the capability to produce.  We will forever be disappointed that Amitza was not able to get out and demonstrate what an outstanding youngster, in conformation and temperment, that Holster produced with Ala.  You can learn more about Holster by visiting his webpage at Aqua Farms.

Registration: American Trakehner Association.  This filly would have been registered in the Official Registry Book (ORB) of the ATA as a pure bred Trakehner.  

feeling better at 10 days of age

Holster, sire
Photo courtesy of Aqua Farms

Ala, dam of foal

10 days of age


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