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Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis"

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Ambrosius af Asgard ("Atlantis"), 2001 black leopard Knabstrupper stallion

Sire:   Adonis af Asgard (by Apollon), KNN
Dam:  Sissi af Asgard (by Stjerneprinsen af Vejrup), KNN

  15.2 hh (barefoot)

EVA/EAV negative & vaccinated annually.


Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis" June 2013
ridden by Janine Lee

Atlantis June 2013
ridden by Janine Lee

Registration: Ambrosius af Asgard is a registered, inspected and approved Knabstrupper stallion.  He was born in Germany and imported to the U.S. in 2003.  He has been presented and approved with a lifetime breeding license with the mother Knabstrupper Registry - Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) and the Rheinland Psalz-Saar International (RPSI). His foals are eligible for registration with both the KNN and the RPSI.  

Atlantis June 2013
ridden by Janine Lee

Knabstrupper Breed:  The Knabstrupper is a rare Danish warmblood breed exhibiting spotted patterns similar to the Appaloosa. Traditionally the breed is more baroque in physique such as the Lusitano or Andalusians, however more recently many breeders have been producing Knabstruppers with more sport type.  The distinction between Classic and Sport types remains within the Knabstrupper breed with both types being equally regarded. 

European derived warmbloods such as Trakehners, Holsteiners, Dutch Warmbloods, Danish Warmbloods as well as Thoroughbreds and Arabians have been used as refining blood to build upon the Sport types and add diversity to the gene pool of this rare breed.  The Trakehner is considered to be one of the best outcross matches for the Knabstrupper.  We will breed Atlantis to some of our own Trakehner mares beginning in 2013.

One of the most highly prized characteristics of the Knabstrupper is their superb temperament which allows them to perform and excel in a variety of equestrian disciplines with children, adults, and even paraequestrians. 

photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell
Ambrosius af Asgard Stallion Performance Test
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Training & Showing:  Atlantis will resume his dressage training at Altamont Sport Horses. We hope to have him showing in USDF recognized dressage competition in the Spring of 2014 here in Region 3. 

If you are interested in seeing Atlantis in person please get in touch to learn about any upcoming shows he may be attending or to schedule an appointment to visit our farm.   

Ambrosius af Asgard, free jump chute
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell
KNN Stallion Inspection
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Description:  Ambrosius af Asgard, also known as “Atlantis”, has the typical friendly, gentle and infinitely sensible Knabstrupper temperament we admire in our amateur friendly sport horses. He is a well built Knabstrupper stallion with the classic baroque physique and the average height of 15.2hh.  He has excellent bone, a large, well laid shoulder, an excellent neckset, a solid topline and a strong hind end.  As to be expected of many baroque horses he has very comfortable and easy to ride gaits.  

Atlantis has over 30 offspring on the ground and has demonstrated that he can produce lovely sport horse foals when crossed with Thoroughbreds, warmbloods and Appaloosa Sport Horses.  His foals have received very good to excellent scores at their inspections.  

Not only are his offspring well built but they also have his excellent disposition.  Atlantis is kind and 100% honest. This comes through in his ground manners, his willingness to learn and work and his behavior in the breeding shed.  During his stallion approvals Atlantis demonstrated his aptitude in the dressage ring, show jumping and cross country.  Always sensible and gentlemanly, Atlantis received an exemplary score of 10 out of 10 on his temperament.  Atlantis has been focusing on his dressage training on and off over the last couple of years and has represented the Knabstrupper breed in a few stallion expos on the East Coast.
For a list of foals produced by Atlantis, visit the AllBreedPedigree site using the Pedigree link above and choose the "Progeny" option.

Breeding:  Atlantis is one of only a handful of approved Knabstrupper stallions available by fresh semen in the United States. Atlantis is offered to the public for $1250 (includes $250 booking fee) for fresh shipped semen.  Collection & shipping fees are additional and paid directly to the collection facility (approximately $225 plus actual overnight shipping by FedEx). Discounts for early booking, multiple mares or returning mares are available. There is a live foal guarantee and the option to return for a second season or to change mares, with the stallion owner’s permission, if your mare does not conceive the first season. 

Atlantis’ semen quality is of good quality and we are able to collect Mon-Fri with 24 hours notice. Collections done on Saturdays or holidays must be sent by airline (counter-to-counter) and will incur additional veterinary and shipping charges. If you prefer the convenience of using frozen semen please check back with us on pricing. 

For your convenience, Atlantis will be available for breeding year round excluding a few three day weekends per year when he will be attending competitions.  Please check with us in advance when you anticipate your mare coming into heat so we will have advance notice and can plan accordingly.

2013 - We had two nice Knabstrupper foals by Atlantis this season, one of which is a stallion prospect (ASH Dobbelt Regnbue) and should be a 100% color producer. 

2014 - We had 5 gorgeous foals by Atlantis and out of Knabstrupper and Trakehner mares. Please see our 
2014 Foals for more information and photos.
2015 - We took a break from breeding in order to focus on showing our gorgeous youngstock and sales horses in the USDF show ring this year. 

2013 homozygous few spot leopard stud colt
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard Dam: Regnbue DCSH by Ravaldi
Arlington by Atlantis
Fanfare de Bec by Atlantis
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell


Some of Atlantis' offspring...

Filly by Atlantis
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

Lochness de Bec (by Atlantis), KNN inspection
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell
Firefly de Bec Oct 2013 KNN Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
Yearling: Firefly de Bec, by Ambrosius af Asgard
photo courtesy of Ashbryne Mitchell

Anadarko, filly by Atlantis
photo courtesy of Angela Stanaway, DVM

Astrid, weanling filly by Atlantis
Sire: Atlantis Dam: TB cross
Avalon (by Atlantis)

Note:  If you have some offspring by Atlantis we would love to hear from you and keep abreast of what those Atlantis kids are doing out in the world!  Please get in touch and don't forget to send us pictures.

November 2012
Atlantis ridden by Janine Lee
Ambrosius af Asgard Stallion Performance Test
photo courtesy of Ashbyrne Mitchell

2012:  We are the proud new owners of Atlantis. 
Many heartfelt thanks to Ashbyrne Mitchell. We look forward to training, showing and breeding this very special Knabstrupper stallion!

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