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Adahlia, 2007 pure bred Trakehner (ORB) Filly

Sire:   Advocate *Ps* (by Graditz *E*)  
Dam:  Ala (by Troy)

Height:  15.1 1/2 hh at 2 1/2 years of age w/ fresh trim
Adahlia, Oct 2013
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

Adahlia, Ole South Breed Show (USDF) Aug. 2008
1st place 2007 fillies, Reserve Champion filly, High Point Trakehner

Description:  Adahlia, like her dam, is very feminine and gentle natured.  She is quite sociable, gets along well in the herd and is the farm's official "welcome wagon".  She especially enjoys the company of young children.  With her size and quiet, willing nature she may be a good children's riding prospect.

Adahlia appears to be maturing in the range of 15.2+hh.  At 3 months of age she was voluntarily inspected by the ATA and given the very good score of 8/8/8.  Adahlia's sire
Advocate *Ps* is an accomplished Grand Prix jumper.  Adahlia has a lifetime recording with the USEF, USEA, and the USDF.

Show Results:
  Adahlia attended her first show - the Ole South Breed Show (USDF) on August 22, 2008.  She was quiet and easy, like an old pro.  Adahlia placed 1st in Yearling Fillies and was Reserve Champion filly.  She also placed first in the "Other Warmbloods" breed class and was the High Point Trakehner.  She qualified for the regional finals during this show.

USDF/Southern Hospitality Breeders Classic I & II (Conyers, GA)  Sept. 13& 14 - The competition was stiff at this weekend due to the finals being held on the same weekend.  Despite this, Adahlia placed 6th in 2007 fillies in the Classic I, 2nd in the Trakehner IBC, and 2nd in the 2007 fillies in the Classic II.

GAIC/USDF Breeders Championship Southeast Series Finals (Conyers, GA) Sept. 14 - Adahlia placed 6th of all fillies in the Great American Insurance Group/USDFBC Filly class and was a perfectly behaved young lady the entire weekend.  We couldn't be prouder and look forward to continuing her show career in 2009.

USDF Horse of the Year Dressage Sport Horse Breeding - Adahlia placed 19th in USDF national standings for DSHB HOY yearling fillies.

American Trakehner Assocation - Adahlia is Reserve Champion Horse of the Year for yearling fillies in DSHB for 2008.

A special thanks to our handlers in 2008, Robin Winkler and Sterling Graburn, who did an excellent job showing Adahlia off in USDF DSHB classes and at the Regional Championships.

Registration: American Trakehner Association.  Adahlia is an ATA registered pure bred Trakehner filly.  She is also eligible for Canadian Sport Horse registration.  In October 2013 Adahlia was inspected an approved by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) for producing Knabstrupper foals when bred to approved Knabstrupper stallions. Her Knabstrupper offspring will be eligible for KNN studbook inspection.  She is still eligible for inspection by the ATA.

Adahlia, Oct 2013
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
Adahlia USDF DSHB yearling fillies Sept. 2008
photo copyrighted by Alicia Frese Photography

Adahlia, 3 months of age, (c) 2007 Deana Fleenor
ATA Inspection October 2007

Advocate *Ps*, Adahlia's sire
Photo courtesy of Loon Creek Enterprises

Adahlia absolutely loves playing in the pond.
Look close. See her ears sticking up out of the water?

Sorry, Adahlia is not for sale.  She will replace her dam as a competition mount and eventually be added to the broodmare band.


Adahlia 11 months of age

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