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We had a large crop of 9 foals; 5 fillies and 4 colts foaled in 2013.

Please see our Breeding Schedule page for additional information about future expected.  To watch our mares foal out or to peak at their new foals please visit our Foaling Cam. 

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Scroll down to see early photos of all 2013 Foals. We will post them all here together until we can make an individual page for each foal.

1.  ASH Starstruck "Daphne" - Bay Leopard Appaloosa Filly (Hollywood Hot Spot x Waps A Daisy with star, foaled 02/26/2013. Beautiful, big, leggy girl with the same people-friendly disposition of her siblings by Hollywood Hot Spot.  All photos taken at 1 week of age at 1st turnout. Daphne is picking up those knees and showing off her flying lead changes on her first trip outside. This one is going to be a dressage super star.  Sorry, she is not for sale.

1st turnout at 1 week of age
1 week of age
1st turnout
1st turnout

ASH Starstruck Oct 2013
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

2. ASH Sunshower "Sunny" -  Dark Bay Leopard Appaloosa Filly (Ti Kha Atta Rain x Pocos Cat Dancer) foaled 04/08/2013. Loudly marked leggy girl with an outgoing personality. Always in your pocket...if you are in her pasture she is by your side!  "Sunny" is a tall, elegant girl with a long sweeping stride appropriate for the English disciplines such as equitation and lower level dressage. Most importantly, she wants to be your "everything".  Should easily exceed 16hh.  OFFERED FOR SALE (payment plan possible with deposit and signed contract)



3. ASH Artemis "Joy" - Solid bay Knabstrupper filly foaled 3/11/2013.  Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) x Etched in Chocklate (by Chocklate Confetti).  This lovely filly is by our approved Knabstrupper stallion, Atlantis (Ambrosius af Asgard) and out of Appaloosa Sport Horse mare Etched in Chocklate (by Chocklate Confetti) approved for Knabstrupper breeding by the KNN. She has that even keeled and friendly disposition we expect from both Atlantis and the dam. She is a smart little cookie and confident, not to mention athletic.  This filly is a super mover and excellent dressage prospect.  She most likely carries at least one copy of PATN1 (leopard pattern) and could be a valuable breeding prospect in a Knabstrupper breeding program.  The filly is registered with the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) and branded as a Knabstrupper.  Tall and substantial, she should mature around 16-16.1hh.  OFFERED FOR SALE (payment plan possible with deposit and signed contract)

ASH Artemis Oct 2013
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

1st turnout at 4 days of age
1st turnout
1st turnout

1st turnout at 4 days

4. Donovan ASH - Dark bay Trakehner GELDING by Kougar von C and o/o PSB approved Anglo-Trakehner mare Devotion by Hailo *Pg*E* was foaled 07/14/2013.  "Van" will be registered with the American Trakehner Association (ATA).  Kougar is producing some fantastic foals with beautifully laid shoulders, great legs and a lovely ground covering stride among other things.  This youngster is no different.  He is friendly and sensible and well put together. Van has good Trakehner type with a beautiful head and soft eye, nicely sloped shoulder and hip, straight legs with good angles all the way around.  He should make someone a nice dressage performance horse.  OFFERED FOR SALE (payment plan possible with deposit and signed contract).


Sire: Kougar von C Dam: Devotion
1st turnout at 3 days of age
Trakehner colt by Kougar von C at 3 days of age
Sire: Kougar von C Dam: Devotion

5. ASH Orion "Rion" - Bay Few Spot Leopard Knabstrupper Colt - Halifax Middelsom x Sheela von Nordstern, purebred Knabstrupper mare) foaled 04/25/2013. This very sweet and handsome colt will be a 100% color producer. Rion is registered with the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN), inspected and branded. Beautiful mover and excellent purebred breeding prospect .  He is the best choice for producing color if you want to breed to especially to solid warmblood mares, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, etc. Photos taken at 2 days of age during first turnout. Rion is OFFERED FOR SALE (payment plan possible with deposit and signed contract).


ASH Orion Oct 2013 Knabstrupper Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

6. ASH Nova "Nova" - Bay Leopard Knabstrupper filly foaled 4/05/2013. Halifax Middelsom x Firefly de Bec (by Ambrosius af Asgard "Atlantis" )  This beautiful filly is a granddaughter of our approved Knabstrupper stallion, Atlantis.  She is registered with the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark KNN, branded and will be retained for the ASH Knabstrupper breeding program.  We bred this one to keep for our budding Knabstrupper breeding program. Sorry, not for sale. 


ASH Nova Oct 2013
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

7. ASH Aurora "Penny" - Bay Near Leopard Knabstrupper filly (Halifax Middelsom x Ala, purebred Trakehner mare) carried by an embryo recipient mare and foaled 04/13/2013. As is typical with our babies out of Ala, this is a huge and very typey filly.  She is loudly marked with sabino features and is substantial of both frame and bone.  She has that beautiful refined Trakehner face. We are very pleased with this cross, our first Knabstrupper x Warmblood cross. She is registered with the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) Penny was inspected by the KNN, received excellent scores with Champion filly grading and Best in Show at her inspection October 2013. She is a branded Knabstrupper and will be retained for our budding Knabstrupper breeding program. Photos at 11 days of age. Not for sale.


ASH Aurora Oct 2013 Knabstrupper Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk

8. ASH Dobbelt Regnbue "Wynston" - Bay whiteborn/few spot Knabstrupper colt (homozygous) - by Ambrosius af Asgard (aka "Atlantis") and out of our Knabstrupper mare Regnbue DCSH (Ravaldi x Colibria Z) foaled on 06/06/2013. This stunning colt has nice Knabstrupper type. With his structure and movement we expect him to be a super gorgeous dressage horse and a guaranteed color producing stallion prospect.  Wynston is registered with the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN). He was inspected, graded Champion colt and branded at his October 2013 inspection. First few pictures here his first time outside (about 5 days of age) and others were taken at his KNN inspection at 4 months of age.

ASH Dobbelt Regnbue Oct 2013 KNN Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
ASH Dobbelt Regnbue Oct 2013 KNN Inspection
photo by Alicia Frese Klenk
Left: ASH Dobbelt Regnbue Right: ASH Alden

1st turnout at 5 days of age

9. ASH Alden "Alden" - Dark bay/brown sabino Trakehner colt - Kougar von C (by Gribaldi) and out of our proven purebred Trakehner mare Ala (Troy x Austria by Flaneur) foaled on 05/11/2013.  Will be registered with the American Trakehner Association (ATA).  Kougar von C produces some gorgeous foals with fantastic legs, shoulders and hips. This tall colt is going to be a gorgeous dressage horse and a stallion prospect. This is a substantial colt with great bone that should mature in the range of 16.2-16.3hh.  We are so pleased with this colt that we gelded other (older) prospects so that we could keep Alden intact and see how he matures.  Alden received many compliments by the Danish Inspection team during out 2013 inspection even though he was turned out to pasture and wasn't participating in the inspection at all. Pictures taken of Alden during his first time outside (about 3 days of age). 

Kougar von C (by Gribaldi) x Ala (by Troy)
1st turnout at 3 days

Kougar von C (by Gribaldi) x Ala (by Troy)

3 days of age, 1st turnout
Kougar von C (by Gribaldi) x Ala (by Troy)


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