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All 5 of our 2011 Foals have arrived...all colts!

3/24/2011 Appaloosa x Anglo-Trakehner colt
Sire: Outlaws Bold Revenge Dam: Devotion

Disko ASH - "Disko" Appaloosa Sport Horse (Appaloosa/Anglo-Trakehner cross) - Outlaws Bold Revenge x Devotion (March 26) - This colt is half sibling to our junior Appaloosa stallion Hollywood Hot Spot Foaled 3/24/2011.  Chestnut suppressed leopard colt with sabino markings.  This handsome young man is 15.0hh at 3 1/2 years of age.  He is a medium size horse with substantial bone and breadth of body, strong hip, short back, good feet and healthy. Adorable from head to toe with cute movement, much suspension. Very quiet, he will make a nice dressage mount for someone wanting a flashy horse with warmblood characteristics that is easier to mount/dismount. Should mature at approximately 15.1-15.12hh. Disko is offered for sale.

Woody's First Foal is Here!!

Hollywood Premiere - first turnout
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Waps Skip N Line

Hollywood Premiere - 1 week of age
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Waps Skip N Line
Hollywood Premiere - first turnout
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Waps Skip N Line

Hollywood Premiere "Wylie" Appaloosa Sport Horse - Hollywood Hot Spot x Waps Skip N Line foaled 4/9/2011.  Half sibling to 2007 filly Tallulah and 2007 filly Tanzanite (by Trakehner stallion).  This colt is a seal brown or bay few spot leopard (homozygous for LP) with two appaloosa parents.  Very leggy, short back, strong hip, beautiful shoulder and neckset. 16.0hh at 3 years of age. Should mature at about 16.1+hh. Now balancing out in his 3 year old year and is demonstrating very flashy movement like his sire. Parents are very similar in type so we expect him to be a consistent producer in both type and color.  We couldn't be more pleased by "Woody's" first foal.  Click here for additional information.

And Here is Our Second Foal by Woody...

Hollywood Exclusive 2011 colt
Sire: Hollywood Hot Spot Dam: Waps StandingOvation

Hollywood Exclusive "Wydget" Appaloosa Sport Horse - Hollywood Hot SpotWaps StandingOvation foaled 4/22/2011.  This colt is a bay dun snowcap (homozygous for LP) with two appaloosa parents.  He is a nice tall colt, homozygous for Appaloosa color production but with 7/16 Thoroughbred blood in his pedigree.  He is athletic and has a natural interest in jumping up/down and over things.    

16.0hh at 3 years of age.  Estimated to mature at 16.1+hh.  Big bodied, big boned colt with a super temperament.  One of our farm favorites. He will be a guaranteed color producer with the added bonus of throwing the dun modifier 50% of the time.  More pictures to come (dedicated webpage under construction).


And Here Are Our Trakehner Colts...

Oskar II *Pg* x Scholastika 2011 colt


Seventh Wonder "Vinny" - Trakehner colt Oskar II *Pg* x Scholastika (foaled May 25).  - Very leggy and handsome chestnut sabino gelding by Grand Prix dressage stallion Oskar II *Pg*. Friendly, well socialized and athletic. 15.2hh at 22 months of age. Estimated to mature at 16.2+hh.  Vinny will be a super dressage prospect.  Full sibling to 2009 filly Social Butterfly. Seventh Wonder is offered for sale.

Holster x Ala 2011 Colt


As You Wish "Westley" - purebred Trakehner stud colt - Holster x Ala (foaled May 28, 2011) - Tall, good bone, big-bodied chestnut colt. Very quiet and people oriented. Enjoys learning new things.  15.3hh at 22 months. Will be a big boy at approximately 16.2 1/2-16.3hh. We will be keeping this handsome stud colt intact as a stallion prospect.  More photos to come.

See our Breeding Schedule page for additional information and links.

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